Terms of Use

Cancellation policy


Cyber Ascent follows a transparent and no fuss cancellation policy. Here are the terms of the policy:

Any Cancellation request that is raised to Cyber Ascent is subjected to students who have joined the course on or before 15 days of cancellation date.

Student can still avail any any additional requests to mitigate the disinterest with Cyber Ascent by raising customized requests (Eg: Change of Trainer, Defer the course, Change of plan, etc.,). Student can call our customer support desk - +1 77 39018545 between 9am to 12PM EST and 7PM to 9PM EST on weekdays for any suggestions/Feedback or raising complaints

All cancellation requests should be sent to info@cyberascent.com with clear information of course details opted by the student and the reason of why student wants to go ahead with cancellation


Refund policy


Due to the nature of its services, Cyber Ascent does not guarantee any refunds upon cancellation. In case of monthly payment, it is understood that payment for next month is released only after reviewing the current month's performance.


Any exceptional Cancellations further will be credited/paid back to customer within 30 working days of time.

Last modified: Wednesday, 9 November 2016, 5:15 AM