SME Banking

1) SME (small-to-medium enterprise) is a convenient term for segmenting businesses and other organizations that are somewhere between the "small office-home office" ( SOHO ) size and the larger enterprise . The European Union has defined an SME as a legally independent company with no more than 500 employees.

2) SME also stands for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

An three-day program targeted at Heads of Businesses to enable them to effectively roll out an SME strategy. IFC are pioneers in SME Banking and have consulted with many developing country banks in implementing their SME programs.


Introduction and Overview of SME Banking
Strategy and Business Models for SME Banking
Identifying new Market Opportunities
Managing the SME Customer Lifecycle
Optimizing Products & Marketing Strategies
Sales and Delivery Channel Management
Credit RiskManagement for SME Lending
Information Technology (IT) and Management Information Systems (MIS) Optimization
Human Resources (HR)

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