Websphere Admin Course Details

Websphere application server is a server. It is from single server to a moderately sized configurations or to a dynamic web applications. which is optimized for developer productivity and web application deployment. Developers building applications that do not require the full Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) environment of traditional enterprise application server profiles. WebSphere provides a higher quality of service by leveraging OLTP and applications on the same infrastructure.


•Install and configure WebSphere Application Server
•Install, configure and manage enterprise applications
•Configure web server integration
•Assemble enterprise modules into applications
•Use new Rapid Deployment features of WebSphere Application Server
•Use various troubleshooting tools and techniques to diagnose problems
•Configure database connections
•Configure runtime security
•Install and configure messaging applications
•Analyze and tune the performance of enterprise applications
•Perform basic administrative tasks using scripting
•Configure a cluster of WebSphere Application Servers

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