WebSphere Service Registry And Repository Course Details

This report takes a look at the capabilities provided by the IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR). We explore the customization and extension capabilities provided to understand the support for the meta models inherent in Service Lifecycle Automation and SOA Configuration Management as discussed in recent reports.


As its name suggests, IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR) provides both a registry of Services as well as providing a repository capability to store documents that hold further metadata to detail them.

WSRR is not limited to Web Services, and can support services defined using a variety of other protocols and programming models. By using the customization capabilities provided it can also be used to define and store Service at a more conceptual level, such as Business Services. Customization can also be used to define the metadata and documents to describe just about any SOA asset type so these can also be stored in WSRR as well as their relationships to the Services.

WSRR also provides a customizable SOA lifecycle, together with Policy Management function that can be used to provide governance over the Service metadata and lifecycle within WSRR, as well as SOA policies that can be enforced elsewhere in the run-time environment, such as by an ESB. In this report we look at WSRR capabilities and examine how the customization and extension approach might be used in suport of the CBD-SAE approach.



Content Structure and Meta Model

      Service Description Entities


           Concepts (business objects)

Service Description Metadata




Business Model Templates


Web Ontology Language (OWL)

Service LifeCycle and Governance

Example of SACL (source IBM)

Governance Policy Validator

Policy Management

Versioning and Configurations


Representing CBDI-SAE

About CBDI

CBDI Products

Everware-CBDI Services

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