ILOG JRules Course Details

JRules BRMS is Now IBM Operational Decision Manager. The WebSphere ILOG JRules BRMS is the market-leading Business Rule Management System, providing both collaborative rule management for business teams and robust, scalable and precise rule execution.


Introduction to WODM or ILOG JRules

Describe at a High level

The process of building a business rule application with IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules /WODM

Introducing business rules


Introducing rule governance (optional)

Rule Design

Identify how rule elements are organized in Rule Studio

Identify the characteristics and designing of BOM

Identify the characteristics and designing of XOM

Establish BOM to XOM mapping

Orchestrate rule execution

Identify the need for a rule extension model

Rule Authoring

Given a scenario and determine which rule artifact should be used

Given a scenario and determine which variable (automatic, ruleset, rule) or parameter should be used

Identify the rule editor that should be used

Identify the correct use of BAL language constructs

Identify the correct use of IRL language constructs

Define and improve the verbalization of the rules

Given a scenario and identify which rule authoring configuration is needed

Rule Execution

Execute rules in Rule Studio

Given a scenario, choose the correct engine algorithm

Debug rule execution

Given a scenario

Identify the appropriate rule engine integration strategy

Rule Validation

Write test scenarios including using a custom scenario provider

Perform the steps to setup rule validation using DVS

Check rule consistency and completeness

Rule Deployment

Synchronize between rule authoring environments


About Rule Designer

Designing a rule project, Rule set execution, Authoring rules, Debugging a rule project and Testing Execution of rules.

Creating Action rules, Decision Table and implementing them with rule flow

Defining Rule Vocabulary and Creating rule flow

Design Java- or XML-based execution object models upon which rules will be executed Orchestrate how business rule artifacts in rule projects will be executed

Orchestrating rule set execution ,Authoring rules and Reviewing rules and Debugging rules

Deploying rules to Rule Execution Server and Executing rules with Rule Execution Server

Administration of rules in Server

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