SPSS Course Details

Ø  What is SPSS Training?

v  Now get SPSS training to learn the latest practices in statistical analysis suite. The online and instructor-led classroom classes of SPSS will cover topics ranging from creating and analyzing charts, building reports, importing spreadsheets, creating regression models and exporting presentation graphics. Delegates greatly enjoy the in-depth course curriculum presented in an engaging manner. You will learn how to use calculate descriptive and inferential statistics and create data visualizations such as scatter plots and other charts, perform multiple-regression analysis and much more. SPSS online training covers various key modules such as statistics, data collection, SPSS Modeler and deployment. The course curriculum is extensive and meets all the industry requirements. Optimize your skills with this world class SPSS training classes that focuses on rigorous learning environment under the guidance of expert faculty from the industry. Best quality training that gives you the benefit of earning a certification at the end of the course. Wish to heighten your chances of moving faster in your career as a data expert, then look nowhere further than this well-appreciated SPSS courses by the premiere training institutes.

Ø  SPSS Syllabus

v  Course Outline

v  A representative sample of the topics included in the course is given below. This is not the full list of topics.

v  SPSS Overview

v  Recalculating Variables

v  Sorting Cases

v  Rule based Selection

v  Grouping

v  Importing Data to SPSS

v  Frequency Distribution

v  Bar Chart/Pie Chart

v  Histogram

v  Chart Editor

v  Cross Tabulation

v  Scatter Plot

v  Standardization

v  Hypothesis Testing

v  P-Value

v  Central Tendency

v  Skewness

v  Simple and Multiple Regression

v  Data Entry

v  Data & Output Files

v  Views in SPSS

v  Chi Square Tests

v  ANOVA Concepts

v  OLAP Cubes

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