Netezza Course Details

What is Netezza Training?

v  Attend Netezza training courses specially-designed for the data scientists, data miners and quantitative analysts to learn how to use data for achieving high performance. Well-structured course modules highlight topics such as data preparation, exploratory data analysis, model scoring and deployment. Netezza online and classroom training is designed and delivered by the trainers who come with vast work experience and teaching skills. The Netezza modules focuses on how to effectively use the Netezza Analytics platform to build, test and score analytic models in database. With the Netezza online training classes, you can learn the technology with flexible schedules at your own convenience. The objective of this course is to enrich an associate with end-to-end knowledge on Netezza Database and Analytics to handle day-to-day and any complex business needs.

Ø  Netezza Training Course Outline

v  Overview of Netezza architecture

v  Netezza High Availability Architecture (Clustering, Mirroring, failover)

v  Various Netezza appliance models

v  About Netezza Performance Server (NPS)

v  Connecting to Netezza

v  Installing Netezza Emulator for day-to-day practice

v  Netezza Command Line Interface (CLI)

v  NzAdmin: GUI Admin Tool (Installation & Setup)

v  Manage NPS with CLI commands

v  Manage User access to Netezza Databases

v  Monitoring Netezza and Linux logs

v  Netezza Events (Setup & Monitoring)

v  Databases & Tables

v  Data Distribution (Hash, Random), Cluster Base Tables, Table Skew

v  Generate Statistics, Zone Maps, Materialized Views, Groom Table

v  Backup & Restore (Host Level, Database Level, Table Level)

v  Database Refreshes & Migrations

v  Netezza Appliance migration (For Example: 6.x to 7.x migration)

v  Data Loading/Unloading using External Tables, NZLOAD, NZ_MIGRATE

v  Data Loading/Unloading using GUI Tools

v  Optimizer and query plans

v  Query history collection & Reporting

v  Netezza Replication/DR Architecture

v  Techniques to improve Netezza performance

v  Frequent DBA activities such as SPU replacements, etc

v  ODBC/JDBC/OLEDB Client Connectivity

v  Working with IBM Netezza Support to resolve issues

v  Getting started with Netezza Analytics

v  Data Exploration

v  Data Objects

v  Data Distribution

v  Data mining with Netezza Analytics

v  Manipulating large matrices

v  User-defined analytical processes

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