IBM Websphere App Server Course Details

Ø  What is IBM WebSphere App Server Training?


v  IBM WebSphere App Server training course imparts you the skills for installing, configuring, maintaining and administering IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.5 that offers users enhanced support for standards, upcoming development frameworks and technology. IBM WebSphere training classes also cover the Liberty profile and teach how to deploy enterprise Java applications in a single computer or clustered configuration. Here are some of the best WebSphere Application Server training institutes with well experienced professionals in Windows and Linux environment. Get the best quality training based on current industry standards. Hands-on exercises and demonstrations to reinforce lecture content will give students a sound basis for their certification preparation as well as career challenges.



The IBM WebSphere App Server training course covers the following learning topics:

v  What is WebSphere Application Server?

v  Why is it important that WebSphere Application Server is Java EE Certified?

v  Key characteristics of WebSphere Application Server

v  What is Service-oriented Architecture, and how does WebSphere Application Server come into play with it?

v  What is Web 2.0?

v  Where does WebSphere Application Server fit into the topology for Lotus products?

v  What versions of WebSphere Application Server do each of the products run on?

v  What other IBM products run on WebSphere Application Server?

v  High level view of the WebSphere Application Server architecture

v  Where does WebSphere Application Server come into play during product installs?

v  What is the Integrated Solutions Console?

v  What does the Integrated Solutions console look like?

v  How do Lotus products that run on WebSphere Application Server make use of the IBM Integrated Solutions Console?

Ø  Course outline

v  WebSphere product family overview

v  WebSphere Application Server architecture - standalone

v  WebSphere Application Server architecture - federated

v  WebSphere Application Server installation

v  Web server installation

v  WebSphere Application Server administrative console

v  Java EE 6 overview for administrators

v  Introduction to the Plants By WebSphere application

v  Application assembly

v  Application installation

v  Monitored directory – Drag and Drop deployment

v  Problem determination

v  Introduction to WebSphere admin and scripting

v  Exercise: Using WebSphere admin

v  Federating a cell

v  Clustering and Workload management

v  Introduction to WebSphere Messaging

v  Job Manager and Centralized Installation Manager

v  Demonstration: Using the Job Manager

v  WebSphere security

v  Performance monitoring

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