IBM Unica Campaign Course Details

Ø  About IBM Unica Campaign Training Course

v  IBM Campaign, previously Unica Campaign, delivers multichannel marketing campaign management to deliver the correct message at the exact time to huge volumes of separate customers and prospects. One can use it to execute, design, and measure customer- determined communication strategies around online and offline channels for extremely personalized marketing.

Ø  IBM Campaign lets you:

v  Build a directed, on-going discussion with customers and prospects by consuming a thorough online history.

v  Exactly measure marketing activities by assigning responses of various types to detailed campaigns using best fractional, match, custom, and multiple methods.

v  Control your full campaign logic, as well as audience segmentation, assignment, and exclusions of offers and channels.

v Re process campaign building blocks, segments, including audiences, offers, exclusion rules, and treatments. 

Ø  IBM Unica Campaign Syllabus

v  IBM Unica Campaign Basics

v  The IBM Unica Marketing Platform

v  Navigation and Logon

v  Other Menu and Page Features

v  Integrated Marketing

v  Terminology and Campaign Concepts

v  Navigating Around the Unica Campaign Interface

Ø Building a Flowchart, Exercise 1:

v Data Selection and Manipulation

v  Creating Flowcharts

v  Table and Table Catalogs

v  Strategic Segments

v  The Select Process

v  Process Status Indicators

v  The Segment Process

v  The Sample Process

v  The Merge Process

v  Running Flowcharts

v  Flowcharts Templates

Ø  Building a Flowchart, Exercise 2: Data Refinement and Output

v  Building Queries

v  Why Use Derived Fields?

v  User Variables

v  Derived Fields

v  Snapshot Process

v  Table Mapping

v  The Audience Process

v  Audience Levels

v  The Extract Process

v  Scheduler

Ø  Offer Attributes and Offer Lists

v  The Response and Offer Life Cycle

v  Offer Attributes

v  Offers and Offers Versions

v  Offer Concepts

v  Creating Offers

v  Creating an Offer Lists

v  Using Offer Lists

Ø  Assigning Offers and Cell Management

v  The Offer - Response Cycle

v  Treatments and Treatment Codes

v  Contact History Concepts

v  Offer Assignment Flow

v  Assigning Offers

v  Target Cell Spread sheet

v  Outbound Triggers

Ø  Response Tracking and Reporting

v  The Offer - Response Life Cycle

v Response Categories

v Example Scenario: The Offer

v Analysing Response History

v Response Attribution

Ø  Managing the Campaign Environment

v Flowchart Logs

v Offer Templates

v Custom Offer Attributes

v Sessions

Ø  More Campaign Objects and Processes

v  Track Process

v  Custom Macros

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