IBM AIX Administration Course Details

The IBM AIX (Advanced Interactive executive) is based on UNIX System V, which has 4.3BSD compatible with extensions.

AIX is developed and still active by IBM. AIX is the very first operating system to develop journaling file system. IBM constantly improved the software with some features like disk, processor, and network virtualization, hardware resource allocation with fractional processor units and consistency engineering ported from its mainframe designs. It has been supported by IBM Power System with IBM i and Linux.

Ø  Basics

v  Introduction to AIX

v  AIX Documentation

v  Using the System

v  Files & Directories

v  Using Files

v  Review of UNIX commands

v  File Permissions

v  The vi Editor

v  Shell Basics

v  Using Shell Variables


Ø  Introduction To P-Series


v  RISC and CISC technology

v  SMP and SP

v  Various models of p5 and p6


Ø  Smit


v  How to use smit menus

v  Various option of smit menu

v  What is smit.log?


Ø  Devices


v  Device Terminology

v  Ohm

v  Device States

v  Configuring the devices

v  Device addressing

v  Device connector ide, isa, pci, scsi, Fc

v  Logical address and physical address


Ø  Logical Volume Manager


v  Traditional issues

v  Benefits of LVM, physical storage

v  Volume Groups, VGDA, Volume Groups Limits.

v  Logical Storage

v  Uses of Logical Volumes, properties of LVM

v  RAID concept in LVM

v  What is File Systems, jfs and jfs2, nbpi, inode etc?

v  What is mounting, why have file system/etc/file systems

v  Verifying file system


Ø  Paging Space


ü  What is paging space, paging placement, sizing paging space.

ü  Adding, changing, removing paging space

ü  Problems with paging space


Ø  Security Concepts


v  User accounts

v  Security Logs

v  Groups

v  Security Files

v  Permission


Ø  User Administration


v  Users

v  Groups

v  Passwords

v  Login Controls

v  Processes

v  Controlling Processes

v  Customizing the User Environment

v  AIX Utilities, Part I

v  AIX Utilities, Part II


Ø  System Dump


v  Real time sys dump scenario, logging call with IBM


Ø  Scheduling


v  Cron, real time cron issues

v  AIX Utilities, Part II (Continued)

v  Additional Shell Features

v  The AIX Graphical User Interface


Ø  Problem Determination


v  Error Log

v  Diagnostics

Ø  Backup and Restore

v  mksysb backup

v  Performing mksysb like real time through NFS

v  Alt disk backup and different Methods for alt disk, SAN based Alt disk


Ø  Networking



v  DNS

v  Why DNS

v  What is DNS?

v  DNS Client Formation

v  Real time Networking issues with AIX

v  Ether channel

Ø  Network File Sharing (NFS)


v  Configuring NFS Server

v  The clients mounting the NFS file systems

v  Argument of real time scenarios

Ø  Booting Procedure


v  System start-up and shutdown

v  AIX booting procedure

v  Real time Issues


Ø  Software Installation


v  Modes of Software Installation

v  Upgrading TL to latest levels like TL-8, TL-9

v  Upgrading SUDO, SSH

Ø  Performance Tuning


v  Issues with CPU

v  Issues with Memory

v  Issues with I/O

v  Real time Performance issue discussion

v  What is performance?

Ø  Printers

v  Types of Printer in AIX

v  AIX & Sys V print sub system

v  Arranging printer

v  Real time printer issues

Ø  Storage & Usage in AIX


v  Discussing EMC/IBM/ Hitachi Storage in AIX

v  Real time issues related with Storage in AIX.

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