NHibernate Course Details

NHibernate is an object-relational mapping (ORM) solution for the Microsoft .NET platform. It provides a framework for mapping an object-oriented domain model to a traditional relational database. Its purpose is to relieve the developer from a significant portion of relational data persistence-related programming tasks. NHibernate is free as open source software that is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. NHibernate is a port of Hibernate.


Module 1: NHibernate Basics

Topic 1: The Problem with Hand-Coded SQL

Topic 2: About O/RM with NHibernate

Topic 3: NHibernate Namespaces

Topic 4: NHibernate Interfaces

Topic 5: The ISessionFactory

Topic 6: The Session Instances

Topic 7: Identity

Topic 8: NHibernate Application Configuration

Module 2: Object Mapping

Topic 1: The Domain Model

Topic 2: Mapping Basics

Topic 3: Mapping Objects

Topic 4: Dealing with Identity

Topic 5: Mapping Types

Topic 6: Mapping: Value Types and Entity Types

Topic 7: Mapping Class Hierarchies

Topic 8: Mapping Associations

Topic 9: Mapping Collections

Topic 10: Mapping and Polymorphism

Module 3: Object Persistence

Topic 1: The Mechanics of Persistence

Topic 2: Persistence Lifecycle

Topic 3: The Persistence Manager

Topic 4: About Transitive Persistence

Topic 5: Techniques for Persistent Objects Retrieval

Module 4: Transactions

Topic 1: Transaction Basics

Topic 2: Transaction Models

Topic 3: Long Running Transactions

Topic 4: Isolation Levels and Locking

Topic 5: Transaction APIs: ADO.NET, COM+, and NHibernate

Topic 6: Application Transactions

Topic 7: About NHibernate Caching

Module 5: HQL

Topic 1: Executing HQL Queries

Topic 2: HQL Basic Syntax

Topic 3: Pattern Matching

Topic 4: Polymorphic Queries

Topic 5: Comparison Operators

Topic 6: Logical Operators

Topic 7: Join Operators

Topic 8: Using Identity

Topic 9: Aggregations and Ordering

Topic 10: Dynamic Queries

Topic 11: Filters and Sub-Queries

Topic 12: Optimizing Performance

Module 6: NHibernate Applications

Topic 1: Application Architecture Overview

Topic 2: Application Design

Topic 3: Using NHibernate in a .NET Application

Topic 4: Some Issues Related to .NET Development

Module 7: The NHibernate Toolset

Topic 1: hbm2net

Topic 2: hbm2ddl

Topic 3: Tools for Generating the Mapping and Entities from the Database

Topic 4: log4net

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