Silverlight Course Details

Silverlight is a platform for building rich internet applications. This tutorial will explain the concepts behind Silverlight, and will show you how to build it into your web applications.


 Introducing Silverlight 4.0:
• Understand the Silverlight 4.0 / .NET 4.0 / WPF relationship
• Overview the services provided by Silverlight 4.0
• Examine the Silverlight 4.0 architecture
• Examine the core assemblies and namespaces
• Learn the syntax of XAML
• Understand the XAML / code relationship
• Learn to process XAML at runtime
• Build Silverlight applications using Visual Studio 2010 / Expression Blend
 Silverlight 4.0 Controls:
• Survey the Silverlight control toolkit
• Learn the control content model
• Learn to position controls using layout managers
• Work with the Silverlight DataGrid and data binding templates
• Construct tab-based UIs
• Design navigationally based Silverlight applications
 Graphical Rendering Services and Transformations:
• Understand the scope of graphical rendering services
• Work with the shape types
• Work with Brushes and Pens
• Apply graphical transformations
• Understand the role of geometries
• Use Blend to generate graphical data

 Resource Management and Styles:
• Learn to manage binary resources
• Understand the role of logical resources
• Work with resources in XAML and procedural code
• Understand the resource lookup mechanism
• Learn how to define and apply styles
• Build new styles based on existing styles
 Animation and Media Support:
• Understand the scope of animation services
• Define animations in code and XAML
• Work with key-frame animations
• Control animation timelines
• Video feed integration
• Generate animations using Expression Blend
 Templates and User Controls:
• Learn to build custom control templates
• Work with the VisualStateManager class
• Know your choices for control customization
• Examine options for building custom controls
• Understand the role of dependency properties
• Generate custom controls using Expression Blend
 Core Silverlight APIs:
• Incorporate LINQ programming techniques
• Communicate with remote services using WCF
• Persist data using the isolated storage API
• Interacting with the hosting browser
• Packaging, versioning and deployment of XAP files
• Running Silverlight out of browser (OOB)
 Data Binding:
• Understand the data binding mechanism
• Understand control-to-control data binding
• Learn to work with data bindings in XAML and code
• Learn the role of the iValueConverter interface
• Learn to bind to custom collections of objects
• Define and make use of data templates
• Create data validation logic
• Examine the data binding support within Expression Blend
 Introduction to the MVVM Design Pattern:
• Understand the motivation behind the MVVM design pattern
• Know the responsibilities of the Model
• Know the responsibilities of the ViewModel
• Know the responsibilities of the View
• Inject MVVM into an existing WPF application
• Break down the starter code for a Blend Silverlight MVVP project
• See how to communicate between the layers using data binding, behaviors and commands

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